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5 Crunch Time Bathroom Tips

We all have had those moments in which we discover company is in the way over at the worst possible time. You guys know what I am talking about, they  call to say they are on the way and will be at your home in a few minutes. Usually it would not be a problem, but this time around there was a sleep-over two night before and you were down with flu. The bathroom is not gross but it’s not knit-picky house guest ready. I have a few tips that will have the restroom ready in a crunch and the stress off your shoulders.


  1. Keep wet wipes in the restroom– We have all experienced dried mouthwash, toothpaste residue droplets, and dried liquid soap on the restroom counter and sink fixtures. In a crunch the counters can be quickly wiped down with wet wipes and none will be the wiseressential-oils
  2. Keep scented cleaner or essential oils to create a fresh smell in the toilet– If you generally keep your restroom clean but want to create the illusion of extra freshness then I recommend adding a couple of drops of cleaner into the toilet. Your guest will think you just scrubbed the restroom before their arrival.trash-can
  3. Keep dryer sheets in the hamper and waste baskets– you know what you may have put in the waste baskets but there is no telling what the kiddos put in there or a guest. Its easier to stay on the safe side and to use either scented trash bags or dryer sheets to ensure that there is no questionable smell emanating from the waste basket.baseboard
  4. Do a quick swipe of the base boards with a dry cloth– Lets face it, for any of us that need to style our hair on a regular basis there are fly away strands of hair that end upon the floor and especially on the base boards. Trust me when someone needs to use your restroom the baseboards are noticed if they are not clean, and unnoticed when they are perfect. shower curtain
  5. Close that shower curtain or shower door, whether it’s clean or dirty no one wants to see inside of your tub. If you have a really nice shower curtain and it is closed, it adds to the ambiance of a well maintained restroom. Leaving the shower curtain open is the equivalent of leaving kitchen cabinets open. No matter how clean the kitchen, it will appear dis-shoveled if the cabinet doors are left open.

Wanna talk about a load off? These tips will save you time and stress next time unexpected company comes over!! Happy Savings! Happy Health!!