5 Quick Way to Save Money

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With shopping season upon us each of us are looking for ways in which we can pinch pennies before we scour the mall. There’s lots of things you can do right now that can save you lots of dough. You guys know that I always wanna talk about streamlining things in order to make life as comfortable, fun, and easy as possible. I know there are lots of readers that don’t start saving in January for late November and December shopping. I wanted to give a few last minute tips that can save you some dough so shopping season won’t be having you reaching for your credit card. Cash over credit eliminates January credit card bill stress, right? Ask yourself what services did you pay for that you could be doing yourself. This of course does not just apply for shopping season it applies all year long.

1.     Grooming:  For example if you go out to get a manicure and pedicure you may want to touch up your own nails. That is easily $60+ dollars saved!  I have a friend who would regularly take her son to get a haircut and began to discover that he did not need a haircut at frequency she was taking him to barber. Try skipping one or two trips to the hair salon/ barber and try doing your hair yourself, more money saved!

2.     Eating out: Perhaps you regularly go out to eat. (However if you’ve been following this blog you may not be a frequent eater-outter) If you do and you notice you have a pattern such as fried rice on Fridays. Then with a little planning you could have the components ready for fried rice made from scratch that is more economical and healthier. Just eliminating fried rice once a week for the next 6 weeks can result in a $60+ savings. Perhaps eating out is not your thing but you get a Starbucks coffee every day. Yes, I completely get “necessity” to go there, I mean after all its pumpkin spice latte season right! If you eliminate just two cups of coffee for the next few weeks, the saving can really begin to add up.

3.     Landscapers: Because we are in the fall season, the grass does not grow as rapidly as it did in the summer and it may not be necessary to pay the landscaper to come out as frequently. Pay attention to your yard. You may notice that after it rains the weeds may grow around in the front yard.  It is easy to take a weed wacker to get rid of them. Since the grass is not growing, you’ll notice that the grass doesn’t need to be cut but rather that the weeds just need to be wacked. More money saved!

4.     Gasoline: Whenever we get a change in temperature then it’s a good time to make sure that your car tires are properly inflated so you can get better gas mileage and hence save even more.

5.     Movies: Every year there are always some great holiday blockbuster movies. Save money for shopping by not going to the movies between now and then and perhaps rent movies the entire family can watch. Something like the movies may seem small, but a trip to the movies for three can easily add up. Look at it this way, between now and shopping season we are looking at potentially the minimum of two trips to the movies. Doing the math for 3 people then it is easily $45 spent on one visit to the movies without getting any major snack. Hence two trips would be $90, that is $90 that could be saved for something else like holiday shopping. Movie rentals from various streaming services like Amazon Prime or Fandango now can save you a pretty penny.

Remember this money being saved doesn’t have to be spent on shopping. It can easily be saved for rainy day, invested, or put to the side the to use on the kiddos this upcoming winter break, spring and summer break (It will be here before you know it.)

Happy Savings!!! 🙂