About WannaTalk2Us

Wannatalk2us is your go to site  to talk about what it takes to streamline your life
We WannaTalk to you
We wanna streamline your  finances, health, and overall well being.
This is site is about you and how to stream line you from small things that will save you some money to total workouts.
Let’s face it, besides getting our spirits in order we have to get our finances in order. You can’t take a vacation if you can’t afford one. Its challenging to  relieve stress if your finances are constantly stressing you. In the process of streamlining yourself you see there is an overall fulfillment from carrying out some simple task.

I have worked in a wide range of professions that allowed me to view the world through a broad scope
I have had the experience of having had both well paying and not so well paying jobs
I know what its like to have and not have. I have learned from my wide range of life experience. My professional range of experience has varied from working many years as a Volatile Organics Analyst, automotive sales agent and even advance technical support and so much more. I have worked where I’ve spent time working alone to interacting with hundreds of people per month. Homemaker tops the list for me, but because I work a full time job I like to call myself a streamliner. I like for things to be efficient, cost effective, easy and fun. That is where you come in. I have for years been effectively giving advice based on my real world experience. Granted my experience is not everyone else’s experience.

However there are a lot of you out there like me. I do forewarn you that when you streamline your life, you will feel great and on top of the world. As with anything there are going to be those people who try to bring you down. Why? Because they suck, and from my experience they feel if you can do it then they can do it, and they’d rather spend their time trying to disprove you instead of improving themselves. Sometimes people create excuses to get in their own way and they will use you in the process. So with that being said lets hop to it. Though my post will cover a range of topics we WannaTalk about.