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Wellness Wednesday: Punching Your Way to Good Health & Less Stress

Things in life can be stressful and I have mentioned numerous times in the past how exercise can help relieve some of your stress. That part is not news to any of us. There are those days that some people attempt to push your buttons to the point that you feel enraged. Violence of course… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Punching Your Way to Good Health & Less Stress

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Become Great at Something

Become Great LogoYou are valuable. You are uniquely you and there is no one like you. It’s a shame if you do not value yourself as much as you should. Your worth is not wrapped up in what you own, what you do for a living, or how many people you know. Everyday is an opportunity to increase your value. The best way to increase your worth is to become great at something. When you become great at something you grow as a person, you become more marketable, you increase confidence and can greater contribute to society. We live in a time when we are flooded with images on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Images that are not always genuine. Being true to who you are, being authentically you increases your worth. Be the best you that you can be!! Everyday personal growth is an awesome thing. Specializing in yourself makes you take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses.  There are lots of people who do not take the time to turn their weaknesses into strengths, nor do they take the time to find the best way to utilize their strengths.  There are lots of great book that can  aid you in taking a self inventory. I personally recommend, Rick Warren’s, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? and David Stoop’s, You Are What You Think. I highly recommend keeping a journal and cataloguing you progress if you happen to read those two amazing books. You are priceless. Become great at being you!! Happy Health!!

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Wellness Wednesday: Donating to Charity for Good Health

You may wonder why this Wellness Wednesday topic is about donating to charity. It’s really quite simple, it is great for your mental health. Clearing clutter can help you feel more organized, hence allowing you to have greater focus on other aspects of your life. Some of us have negative feeling associated with some of… Continue reading Wellness Wednesday: Donating to Charity for Good Health