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Summer Reading Adventures

Summer ReadingSummer is totally upon us. The kiddos are out of school. Let’s face it, everyday is not going to be some ultimate outdoor adventure. Throughout the country the weather has been outright strange. Here in Houston the April showers are still pouring in the month June. That means indoor entertainment is key. One great way to still have an adventure, despite the weather, is to venture into a book. Reading is beneficial regardless to age. Yes, I know you are thinking, “Books cost money.” Yes indeed that is true, but there is a free route that is often neglected. Our public libraries are filled with books. Not just books to check out for free physically, but even e-books can be checked-out online. Yes indeed, you read that right, you can go online to your local library site and check-out an e-book and have it instantly for your intellectual consumption. I recently utilized the process and it was great, not to mention a time saver, I didn’t even have to drive to library. If you are wondering about how you return an e-book, no worries, the book will simply no longer be available on your device after the check-out period. Which is great which mean not late return fees!!! Try it out you and your family could begin and new adventure right now. Time saved and money saved!!!

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1 Remedy to Combat Depression

Drepression editExercise has so many health benefits, but the one I would like to focus on today is reducing depression. WannaTalk2Us is dedicated to streamlining the various aspects of your life that will contribute to your overall well-being. Depression is something that seems to strike each of us from time to time. You may have experienced depression or you may know someone who has experienced depression. Depression not only affects the host but everyone surrounding that person. It is harder to work, interact with people, tend to our families, and so much more when overtaken by depression. You may think that the mental state of depression is just that, a mental state.

The mental state of depression sometimes has physical manifestations such as un-wanted weight gain or weight loss due to a change in one’s eating habits.

Depression can also take away from focusing on properly managing finances or even over-spending. There are so many ramifications to depression and there are lots of Continue reading “1 Remedy to Combat Depression”

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Eliminate Your Distractions by Being the Flow

I know from my own experience that there are so many things that want my attention. Family, friends, business, pets and those pesky alerts from our electronic devices. If you are like me and are trying to get focused on a project, then you fully get the importance of eliminating distractions. There are plenty of articles that will tell you to find a quiet place. To turn off your devices and to get away from it all. You have heard that kind of advice numerous times. Yes, I will agree it is practical if you can achieve that pristine morning silence. Yes, I will agree there are plenty of task that require your dedicated attention. Despite the aforementioned, I have also discovered overtime that taking time to eliminate distractions can sometime become a distraction within itself. Sometimes it about being in the flow. Bruce Lee has a famous quote about being like water:

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

This awesome quote can apply to every aspect of life. But for our needs today it demonstrates that it easier to go with the flow rather than fighting against them. I sometimes find myself planning to wake up extra early so I can take care of a few task without distractions. Continue reading “Eliminate Your Distractions by Being the Flow”

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Never Stop Learning

You guys know that I like to make sure I provide you with the most streamline method to do everything in order to make our lives easier. I have compiled a quick list of ways in which you and/or your student can totally learn to master any college coursework. I know from my own experience that people generally don’t want to read 200 pages to learn how to better learn. I have taken this valuable information and trimmed it down to most essential information needed so that you can complete reading it in roughly 30 minutes so you or your student can master any subject. You can easily get your copy of How to Quickly Crush Each College Course by clicking here or the picture above. Thank you for your support and I wish you much success in your studies.

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5 Crunch Time Bathroom Tips

We all have had those moments in which we discover company is in the way over at the worst possible time. You guys know what I am talking about, they  call to say they are on the way and will be at your home in a few minutes. Usually it would not be a problem, but this time around there was a sleep-over two night before and you were down with flu. The bathroom is not gross but it’s not knit-picky house guest ready. I have a few tips that will have the restroom ready in a crunch and the stress off your shoulders.


  1. Keep wet wipes in the restroom– We have all experienced dried mouthwash, toothpaste residue droplets, and dried liquid soap on the restroom counter and sink fixtures. In a crunch the counters can be quickly wiped down with wet wipes and none will be the wiseressential-oils
  2. Keep scented cleaner or essential oils to create a fresh smell in the toilet– If you generally keep your restroom clean but want to create the illusion of extra freshness then I recommend adding a couple of drops of cleaner into the toilet. Your guest will think you just scrubbed the restroom before their arrival.trash-can
  3. Keep dryer sheets in the hamper and waste baskets– you know what you may have put in the waste baskets but there is no telling what the kiddos put in there or a guest. Its easier to stay on the safe side and to use either scented trash bags or dryer sheets to ensure that there is no questionable smell emanating from the waste basket.baseboard
  4. Do a quick swipe of the base boards with a dry cloth– Lets face it, for any of us that need to style our hair on a regular basis there are fly away strands of hair that end upon the floor and especially on the base boards. Trust me when someone needs to use your restroom the baseboards are noticed if they are not clean, and unnoticed when they are perfect. shower curtain
  5. Close that shower curtain or shower door, whether it’s clean or dirty no one wants to see inside of your tub. If you have a really nice shower curtain and it is closed, it adds to the ambiance of a well maintained restroom. Leaving the shower curtain open is the equivalent of leaving kitchen cabinets open. No matter how clean the kitchen, it will appear dis-shoveled if the cabinet doors are left open.

Wanna talk about a load off? These tips will save you time and stress next time unexpected company comes over!! Happy Savings! Happy Health!!

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Money Saving Monday: Don’t Break the Bank on Eye Glasses

None eyeglass wearers may be clueless of how much a pair of glasses can cost. The rest of us that either wear glasses or purchase them for family members know how expensive glasses can become. For many, new glasses are purchased every other year, and others may wait even longer to delay the expense. Whether… Continue reading Money Saving Monday: Don’t Break the Bank on Eye Glasses

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Wellness Wednesday: A Slow Yes is Best When You are Tired

Turtle Don’t make future decisions based on how tired you are at this moment it will only lead to regret. This is something I have to fight often. I have become quite infamous for turning down an invite, not just due to being busy, but for how I feel after I completed a million task. Make your decisions about invitations and future planning at whatever point in your day that you are most energized. If its first thing in the morning or the evening then that’s the time to plan. It almost never fails that someone asks me to do something during the moment that I am day dreaming about a day to sleep in and later binge watch some Netflix. Of course any invite sounds horrible in comparison to some needed rest and relaxation. When you are tired your brain is in the mode of thinking about rest, the last thing you want to do is commit to doing something else. You are likely to say no or feel grumpy about giving a yes answer if you answer while tired. Half the things we are asked to do, are not as bothersome as our preoccupied minds lead us to think. However when we are fatigues taking on any extra tasks seem like they are going to be so laborious that we make ourselves more tired just thinking about them. I am sure you guys have experienced times in which you declined an invite or some other request well in advanced. Then when the day of the event finally came around you felt fine and full of energy and realized that you could have attended what you previously declined. The easiest way to avoid this is to give a slow yes rather than a fast no.  Let the person know you want to check your planner so you make sure it is best fit. If you don’t use any kind of planner, I highly recommend you do. Planners not only keep you organized they are great way to buy you time to give a well thought-out response. Try it out today!! Happy Savings!! Happy Health!!