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Make your own Variety Platter

We all have the tendency to become very busy and its is so tempting to take shortcuts. Lots of us are either hosting our own holiday gatherings or attending someone else’s. I recently was shopping at Sam’s Warehouse and in which there were tons of platters on display. I was floored by some of the prices on of the platters. I previously posted about how doing a little prep work yourself can save quite a bit of money. I found a very appealing fruit and cheese platter for $31. Fruit PlatterAlthough it was quite tempting, this platter had no extra bells and whistles that pushed it over the top to make it irresistible. Seriously, do you know how much cheese and fruit can be purchased for $31? A lot!!  Putting together a platter is as simple as assembling a four piece puzzle. Fifteen dollars can buy more than enough fruit and cheese. Try it out, look at a  platter in your local store and then replicate it yourself.  You will clearly see how you can easily save more than 50%  by making a variety platter yourself. Happy Savings!!

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