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Money Saving Monday: Don’t Break the Bank on Eye Glasses

Lady wear glasses holding a piggy bank with glassesNone eyeglass wearers may be clueless of how much a pair of glasses can cost. The rest of us that either wear glasses or purchase them for family members know how expensive glasses can become. For many, new glasses are purchased every other year, and others may wait even longer to delay the expense. Whether we discover that our children, our parents, or even we ourselves need glasses, it is an expense we can still stand to save some money on. It is important for children and people over 40 to have their eyes examined yearly, everyone else in between can stand to have their eyes examined every other two years.

In a lot of families I noticed if one kid wears glasses the others likely will wear glasses as well, the price can really begin to add up. I know from firsthand experience that purchasing glasses can be very expensive. I am here to help, there is no need these days to break the bank to purchase eye glasses. We will cover a few areas that can save you lots of money.

  1. The Prescription-You will need to see an eye doctor first to get a prescription, an eye exam app on your cell phone will not due. If you have insurance then the cost the office visit may be covered, however if you do not then a great way to save is to visit a major chain optometrist. Sam’s, Costco, Walmart, and Sears offer optometrists that can provide an exam at a significantly lower cost than if you were to visit your standard independent eye doctor. Groupon also has lots of great discounts for eye exams coupled with eye glass discounts. I have seen offers on Groupon for as low as $42 for an eye exam. Be mindful, in most cases it will be significantly more expensive to purchase your eyeglasses from the optometrist.
  2. Frames and Lenses– There are numerous ways to save on frames and lenses like getting the frames from one vendor and the lenses from another. There are lots of online retailers that sale frames at prices as low $10 per frame. I can understand the apprehension of buying frames online, however a good bit of the retailers let you upload your photo in order to virtually try on various frames. That lower price point on the frames can allow you to perhaps even purchase a backup pair of frames. Online retailer also sale lenses at great prices; however I would err on the side of caution if you are not getting single vision lenses. Bifocals lenses should really be sized up by a trained professional. Big-box stores like Wal-Mart do a great job of providing low cost lenses also. It can’t hurt to order the frames perhaps online and then get the lenses installed at a big box store. Don’t want to split up the frame and lens order? Then try searching online for promotions from major eyeglass retailers like Lens Crafters and VisionWorks. They almost always have online coupons that can be printed and used in store. The promotions are usually really good like buy one get one free. Lastly, if you are attached to your current frames, then have them adjusted to make sure they have proper fit since they tend to loosen over time and have the lenses replaced.
  3. The extras– be mindful there are extras that all the retailers will attempt to offer. You will need to decide whether you want tinting, scratch resistant coating, anti-reflective coating, transition lenses and/or extra UV protection. Be mindful those extras can add up be sure to see ask if there are any additional deals for the extras. Always be sure to ask the return policy and future adjustment policy.

Happy Savings and happy Health!!