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Money Saving Monday: Protect your Investment, Buy Furniture Covers

sofa cover

This is season of more traffic to our homes than normal. Speaking as person with very light colored living room furniture, I am constantly inspecting it after people leave. Sometimes I quickly forget about the others options that I have to protect my furniture. Furniture covers!! That’s right people, furniture covers are not just for those times you want to switch up the living-room’s appearance. Furniture covers are great way to protect your living room furniture. Now I will admit a very nice pair of furniture covers can cost a pretty penny. I have to admit though, they are totally worth the money. Furniture covers are an investment that will protect your larger investment.

Think of it this way, some of us spend quite of bit of money purchasing phone cases like the oh so popular OtterBox covers for our phones in order to protect them, why not buy furniture covers to protect your living room furniture that you paid thousands of dollars to purchase? When it comes to our living room furniture sometimes we need a little extra piece of mind, especially when children are involved. The great thing about furniture covers is that they can be removed and machine washed. Boom!! How awesome is that? Oh so awesome. We can’t machine wash the entire sofa. The price range of furniture covers varies tremendously. The more tailored the covers the more expensive. Some covers are simply just large blankets that will protect your furniture but are not necessarily the most attractive look you would want in your living room. I would recommend meticulously picking out furniture covers that are designed to fit your kind of furniture. Ideally, if the furniture covers are very tailored then your guest will be none the wiser, that you are protecting your furniture from them unknowingly leaving behind stains. I am going to pull out my furniture covers and enjoy the added peace of mind. Happy Savings!!