Money Saving Monday: Selling Yourself

You may be wondering why this Money Saving Monday post is titled “Selling Yourself.” The skill of selling yourself can be a major money maker and saver. Speaking from first hand experience, colleges typically do no teach you how to sell yourself or how to market yourself. In school, we learn the skills needed in order to carry out our profession. However at no point does anyone tell you how to better market yourself and sell yourself (your persona) to someone else. Part of selling yourself is to make a great first impression. Regardless to what you may have on your resume, your resume is a piece of paper that everyone is not going to see. Besides, your resume is not needed when you are trying to make a deal, people are cutting you a deal based on the person that they are looking at right now.

When you first introduce yourself to anyone, you are making an impression whether good or bad.  We all will come across times where we will do interviews, need to bargain, become business owners, or seek out ambitious opportunities. All of the aforementioned  require some form of human interaction. Be aware that your impression is not limited to those aforementioned arenas, you may meet another parent, a salesperson, a repair person, etc.  The impression you make can make the difference between getting hired, making a deal, getting your child added to the car pool or the repair person cutting you deal because you are so personable. You selling yourself to make a great impression will determine whether you are remembered, immediately forgotten and/or deemed unappealing.

There are a few basic tips to better sell yourself into a great first impression:

  1. Make eye contact– Whether you are confident or not, make eye contact. Eye contact makes you appear to be confident and honest.
  2.  Ask their name– Find out  who you are speaking with. People like to be acknowledged. Try to work their name into the conversation.
  3.  Be AuthenticBe you!!! You are uniquely you and no one else can duplicate you. If you genuine to who you are that authenticity translates over to others.
  4.  Know what you have to offer and how it can help someone else. Knowing what you can offer gives added value to who you are.
  5. Be an optimistic realist– People do not like to hear what you cannot do. Talk about what you can do.
  6. Be polite– We have heard it so often that you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. A little politeness can go a long way.

Nervous about selling yourself? Try it out at a small vendor or the next place you go. Practice make perfect, soon everyone will want to do business with you and give you great bargains.