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Save Time and Stress: Get a Holiday Assistant

To do listIf you are anything like me there a million things to do and very few hours to do them. I have learned that sometimes it is a great idea to seek a little help in the form of an assistant. Whether they’re an adult professional assistant or a teenage assistant; an assistant can make the difference in allowing you to have the time and energy to focus on the things that totally require attention. Not only is it time consuming trying to make sure we cover every detail, but it also can be very stressful.  The price per hour for an assistant will vary. You’ll have to determine the price point that works best for you, just the same as you would for a babysitter that assists you with your child. Consider it a treat for yourself for the price of a really nice dinner out or dry cleaning bill you’d be surprised at how much work an assistant can complete in 3 hours. Washing and ironing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, running errands like picking up groceries and going to post office can all be done by an assistant. I usually give the incentive that they will get paid for a three hour minimum regardless to if they finish the work in less than 3 hours. It is important to know that sometimes part of being super is to be more like Captain America and using the wisdom to delegate. You do not have to stay in the bounds of a personal assistant, a professional maid is just as beneficial. It is great to have someone come in once or twice a year to take care of the things we hate to do the most, like cleaning the blinds, base boards and behind the toilet. This time of year most of us have a million things to think about and do. There is no reason someone else could not do the cleaning or running your errands for you. Its better to pay an assistant and be able to enjoy the festivities than to run yourself tired attempting to be extra super. Let’s be honest your guest and family could care less whether the restroom was cleaned by you or someone else. They could care less if an assistant picked up the groceries from the market. What they do care about is being able to enjoy the best rested version of you. Yes an assistant does cost money, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can seek out the help of a relative, a local responsible teenager, or a professional. Groupon and Amazon Local both often offer discounted rates on personal assistants and maids. The time freed up allows you to better focus and to be more rested to take care of the things we value most like our families, friends, businesses and of course ourselves.

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