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Lets get started saving with coffee

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Let’s be realistic who is drinking coffee from a 6 ounce cup these days. Gone are the days of the tiny white cup. Whether is it from Starbucks, the local gas station, the nearby fast-food place or your home kitchen then it’s the minimum of a 12 ounce cup. So let’s go over the numbers- the price of a simple cup of coffee from the local Starbucks is $1.99 for the 12oz tall cup (Prices may vary by area).
Seriously, between the two of us, if I am buying coffee I am not buying the smallest size.  If you’re a coffee drinker, then you know that most of us drink coffee at least five days a week right?.  Hmmmm and depending on your family life maybe all seven days. However we’ll do the math for five days using the small order of coffee.

Whether at home or at Starbucks, you still have to add you own sugar and cream (unless you are into cappuccino, but I will get to that later, I am weak for pumpkin spice lattes in the fall.) I am not going to factor in the time it takes to get to Starbucks and the cost of gas. Hopefully in the future my goal of teleportation will be achieved and travel expense can become a non-factor. In the mean time, wanna talk about the numbers?
STARBUCKS: Starbucks 1 tall (small) cup of coffee per day is $1.99 at 5 times per week is $9.95 per week ($39.80 per month)
That’s $517.40 per year !!!  ($9.95 per week x 52 weeks a year =$517.40 per year)

EATERY: From a fast food place/ eatery 1 cup per day is $1 per cup at 5 times per week = $5 per week ($20 per month)
That’s $260 per year! ( $5 x 52 weeks =$260)

HOME: Starbucks brand coffee made at home $0.66 per cup at 5 times per week is $3.30 per week ($13.20 per month)
That’s only $171.60 per year!!!!!! ($3.30x 52 weeks=$171.60)

Wanna Talk about the savings now:

The Pricey way: $517.40 spent a year at the Starbucks vs.The WannaTalk way is only $171.60 = $345.80 Saved
The Midrange way: $260.00 spent a  a year at the local eatery vs. The WannaTalk  way $171.60 =$88.40 Saved

You maybe wondering how I got my prices Continue reading “Lets get started saving with coffee”