Grasping the Reality of your finances

100 dollar bill editHaving a realistic scope of your finances is a healthy way to take a step toward a debt free life. Many years a ago, Donald Trump (before he was as successful as he is today) made the comparison between himself and a debt free homeless man. He said if he were to give the homeless man one dollar that the homeless man is technically richer than he was at the moment.  You may think that doesn’t make sense. Essentially a lot of us live a life that is in the negative when it comes to our finances. We buy our cars, homes, clothes, furniture, appliances and sometimes even our vacations on credit. And we are simply surviving by making minimum monthly payments laced with interest charges. Real money is the money that we actually have in our bank accounts that we earned. Imaginary money is our line of credit and our overdraft accounts. I have seen it time and time again in which the bank gives larger and larger overdraft limits and credit card companies increase card limits. When these increases occur, it does not mean that we now have more money. Remember that money is imaginary, again what we actually have is what is in our bank accounts (or in some old school cases, hidden in the mattress.) I am not saying that credit is a bad thing, however if we assess what we actually have, we can better access what we can afford to actually buy. We have often heard experienced financial analyst and economic geniuses like Suze Orman, tell us to live within our means. Today let’s take the time to determine what our means actually are rather than the imaginary money we believe them to be. Happy savings!!!

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How Gym Membership could be a Waste of Money

Gym membership fees can begin to significantly add up over time. Thankfully throughout the country there are new gyms that are now more affordable, like Planet Fitness and Fitness Connection, that often offer membership for as low as $10 per month. That price is refreshing considering there are other gyms with membership fees as much… Continue reading How Gym Membership could be a Waste of Money

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How to save big on School Projects

Learn how to save big on your child's next school project.School is back and in full swing. The kiddos are at the point where teachers are going to assign some project that will have you driving your child from one store to the next to acquire supplies. The cost of supplies can quickly add up, not to mention there will likely be more than one project to do this school year. There is no way avoiding the laborious task of finding and buying supplies to make the most awesome project in hopes of getting the teacher’s approval. We want to talk about how to get supplies without breaking the bank.

1. Preparation is key– Easier said than done sometimes. Even as adults we sometimes put things off until the last minute. There should be no surprise when children do the same. Be proactive, ask the teacher at P.T.A. meeting if there are any upcoming projects. Having some notice can make the difference between buying last minute over-priced supplies in the middle of the night at the nearby local drug store or having the opportunity to get the best bargain else-where.

With a little preparation you can save big. Amazon is a great place to buy supplies at great prices. Not only are you able to take your time to find a savings, but you also get the luxury of comparing the quality of the supplies without having to leave your home. All glues, glitters, and clays are not created the same. The customer feedback on Amazon’s site can help you better pick the correct supply the first time around.

2. Check out your local crafting store– We all know that we can go to the local Wal-Mart, yes they have bargains but when it comes to variety, then Wal-Mart does not compare to your local craft stores like Hobby-lobby, Joann’s Fabrics, and Michael’s. These stores offer major savings. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby both offer 40% off coupons in Sunday’s paper almost year round. In addition to that all three have printable coupons on their websites and sometimes have mobile coupons as well. Forty percent off can be a pretty penny saved. Often the coupons is for 1 item, however all of the aforementioned stores take the 40% off of the priciest item, so there is no need to do a separate transactions to capitalize on the discount.

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Save on your Goods and Services

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The sales-person at a department store, your cable provider, and  the local carpet cleaning company all have one major thing in common. All of the aforementioned businesses plus many others want to have you as a repeat customer. They also want you to share your awesome experience and advertise for them whether it is by word of mouth or social media.  It’s that simple, however, they are in the business of making money. They typically are not going to voluntarily just give their potential profits away. Why should they? Businesses have no incentive to provide you with a good or service at a rock bottom price. The advertised bargain typically is enough  to draw in more potential customers. There are however more bargains and deals that can be acquired besides the advertised ones.

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