Sometimes spending more can cost you less.

Learn how to spending money can cost you lessRight now we are in the heart of shopping season and the more we buy the more we may begin to question the price-point of some of the purchases. I by no means am a brand junkie. I will admit however I prefer some brands over others. I like to make my purchases based on quality. I will admit however there are some brands that are synonymous with quality. I remember a few years ago there was a basketball player named Stephon Marbary, who like many basketball players had his own line of tennis shoes. He however took a different approach than most athletes, his tennis shoes were sold for roughly $20 instead $100, I clearly remember watching a news story on TV that compared his tennis shoes to the leading $100 brand. It was found that his tennis shoes, called the Starburys, were of equal quality to that of the more than $100 tennis shoes. Stephon Marbary line of tennis shoes are one of the few cases in which a quality brand that could have otherwise easily charged five times more, purposely choose to charge a lower affordable price.

You may think that it is unjustifiable for some companies to charge what may seem to be 50 to 75% more for their particular products.

However sometimes spending more can cost you less money over time. A friend of mine and his father both purchased dress shoes for church roughly about the same time some years back. His father just wanted to get shoes that fit at a good price. On the other hand, my friend meticulously examined each shoe and ultimately purchased a pair of shoes that were about four times the price of his fathers shoes. Continue reading “Sometimes spending more can cost you less.”

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Protect your Uggs, Scotch Guard it All!!

We have approached that rainy damp part of the year. This Money Saving Monday, lets talk about prevention. We are finally in the season of closed toed shoes whether they are suede, canvas, or leather they can stand to be protected. Boots do not come cheap. Its important to protect your investment. Using a water… Continue reading Protect your Uggs, Scotch Guard it All!!

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Second Hand is Sometimes Best

Buying second hadn is sometimes best see how at http://wannatalk2us.comIn the past few years  thrifting has become so very popular. I am sure there are a lot of factors that may have contributed to it’s popularity; like the economy, hard to find vintage fashions that became trendy again, or Macklemore’s song “Thrift Shop.” Whatever the cause, there are times when second hand is the best option. When I became very interested in the game of golf, I immediately went online and began to researching golf clubs and equipment. To my surprise it turned out that I had chosen yet another very expensive hobby.  In the blink of an eye my supportive mother,  gave me golf clubs that she purchased from a local thrift store.  They were perfect!! It would have cost me hundreds of dollars to purchase new golf clubs. What made the second-hand golf clubs even more perfect, was that when I was too busy to play golf, I didn’t have the frustration of knowing I had hundreds of dollars of equipment just sitting there. Buying second hand is a great way to save money on a new hobby or  equipment that is not frequently used. I have never seen a shortage of golf clubs, tennis rackets, skateboards and exercise equipment at my local thrift stores.

Think about how many sports you or your children thought they were going to be dedicated to and then soon after quit due to boredom, incompatibility or lack of time.

Yes, you may be thinking ,  “Well I can buy an affordable tennis racket at my local big box store.” Yes, that is entirely true. I use to avoid thrift stores because they gave me the heebie-jeebies, but another way to view it is as a really big garage sale. No matter where you buy a pre-owned item, I highly recommend cleaning it before use. Also, its been my experience that although you may find a tennis racket at a big-box store for $20 it doesn’t compare to the  light as a feather high quality ergonomically designed tennis rackets that cost $150 from a sporting goods store. However there are lots of people out there that paid for a $150 tennis racket that also had to quit tennis and now that racket is sitting in your local thrift store for $5.  A thrift store is great place to pick up high end items for a nominal price. I recently posted about how much I love my bread-maker. I have noticed in the kitchen section of most thrift stores there is no shortage on bread-makers, ice cream-makers, and fondue pots. Recently I was in the market for a paper shredder, I mentioned it to my mom, she went to her local thrift store and found one for me for only $5. When given some thought there was no logical reason why I would need to pay $40 for a brand new paper shredder. It is a shredder, all it can do is shred paper, no real deep thought required. Every thrift store I have been to has an power outlet that you can use to test out devices before purchase. Remember it is a thrift store, so everything you purchase is sold as-is. Be sure to check the quality of the item before purchase. Thanks to technology you can always do a quick google search to find the retail value of an item to ensure you are getting a great deal. Happy Savings!! 🙂

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3 Steps to make your own Seasoning blends while saving money in the process

Being fully stocked on all the basic spices and seasonings that you need can save you money. I know a lot of us go out and buy specialty seasoning like taco, jerk, Italian, garlic herb, Cajun and chili seasoning. I will admit I am very guilty of buying my favorite Cajun seasonings the like Tony Chachere and… Continue reading 3 Steps to make your own Seasoning blends while saving money in the process

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Prepping Fajita Style Veggies

Fajita strip covereditIt is extremely convenient to use pre-prepped vegetables for meal preparation. Cooking at home is a big money saver. However sometimes some of the pre-prepped items can still cost quite a bit more than if we had prepped the items are ourselves. In some cases I highly recommend buying prepped veggies like frozen spinach and okra. However there are times that you will see a price difference of 50 to 75%  more  than if you were to prep your veggies yourself.

For example, I found a fajita mix of veggies that appeared to  be a little less than 2 cups of veggies for $3.99.  I purchased the same components: 1 green bell pepper, 1 red bell pepper, 1 onion, and 1 jalapeño for $2.14.

fajita vegsfajita veg label


After slicing the veggies I still had an entire half of onion remaining. In addition to that I made 4 cups rather than 2 cups for the $2.14.  If we did the math on two cups then my actual price $1.07 for 2 cups of fajita style veggies that were prepped by me. That is more than a 70% price difference for something that would take less than ten minutes or so to do (less than 3 minutes if you are really handy with a knife)

IMG_20150920_195113_606plate of veggies

Wanna talk about streamlining things a step further?

1. Prep enough veggies for another meal
2. Freeze them in a freezer-safe bag
3. Use the frozen veggies in a future meal

Self-Prepped frozen veggies allow you to:
1. Have control over your ingredients-you can add as little or much as you like
2. Saves money
3. Saves time

Extra tip: If I know that I am going to be using the same veggies later in the week but (Maybe diced instead cut into strips) for something like a soup or casserole, then I go ahead a pre-cut more veggies and then refrigerate them in a container to use that same week.

Don’t know how to make fajitas? First check out some Basic Knife Skills and then check out this great recipe Oven Baked Sheet-Pan Fajitas