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The Secret to Saving on Greeting Cards

Greeting Card SecretsWe are at the point in the year in which we are now counting down the days to the New Year. A new year means another round of birthdays, weddings, births, deaths, and holidays. I have a simple solution that will always make you appear to be the most timely thoughtful person and will save you some money in the process. I kind of hate to reveal my secret since it may make me appear to be less thoughtful, when the reality is I am just well prepared. We have all purchased those last minute greeting cards, whether they were for a co-worker’s birthday or a suddenly ill friend. Greeting cards can cost anywhere from $3 to $5, which can quickly add up. At the moment the $3 seems like nothing but over time that can quickly multiply, depending on how social you are. I highly recommend buying your greeting cards in advance. Retailers like CVS and Walgreens often place their cards on sale which could save about 50% off the normal price. My preferred method is to purchase an assorted box of greeting cards from crafting stores. The assorted box covers just about every occasion and usually includes some blank card to write personalized messages. And not worry, the assortment includes envelopes. Also having blank cards in advance allow us to practice the lost art of sending out a thank you  and thinking of you card. Those cards play a big role in making a person feel appreciated. A variety box of greeting cards usually cost less than $10-12 dollars, and typically contains more than enough greeting cards to last you throughout out the year. I also recommend buying a book of forever-stamps and keeping them with the cards. Having the stamps on hand will allow you to mail out a greeting card if in a timely fashion. Now once you start buying cards in advance, you’ll need to keep it a secret so people will not take your preparedness for lack of thoughtfulness. Happy Savings!!

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