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Wellness Wednesday: Adjust Perception

Thinking womanOur perception can affect our stress levels immensely. If our perception is leaning more towards the negative then every aspect of life will seem rough. I have come across my fair share of people who view the world through poopie smeared glasses. (Yes, that’s right I said it, poopie smeared glasses.) I think the question to ask is, “Why does everything and everyone seem to be less than favorable to you?” It is simple math, the common denominator is you. But that is an easy fix. For example, I recently came across a client that I said good morning to, their immediate response was to tell me not to speak to them in a condescending tone. As you can imagine, I thought it was amazing to get such an odd response to a friendly good morning greeting. That client however had a long history of gripes about everything. Sometimes it is better to give people a reality check and say to them if every person seems to be mean, condescending, and not helpful; then perhaps the common thread is you and to fix your attitude. Sometimes we have to lovingly give a reality check to others to adjust their perception. I have had to say things like, “I have been very very nice to you and you are being as difficult as possible, you are not pleased with any solution and seem to not want one, you are the problem in this situation, have a great day.” I know its is easy to gripe and huddle together at the water cooler and talk about how bitter someone may seem, but it really doesn’t help the situation at all. I have noticed from my experience that giving the reality check in most cases works out great. I have seen a complete 180 degree turn in attitude from clients that have otherwise been difficult to work with. Don’t be afraid to adjust someone else’s perception. We all know the negative effect stress can have on health. By giving a reality check to adjusting someone perception can be turning point in them having better health. And of course it goes without saying, if you have a negative vantage point on everything then its time to turn it around in order to become a better more happy healthy you. Happy Savings and Happy Health!