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Wellness Wednesday: Donating to Charity for Good Health

Learn how Donating to Charity can be great for your health. http://wannatalk2us.comYou may wonder why this Wellness Wednesday topic is about donating to charity. It’s really quite simple, it is great for your mental health. Clearing clutter can help you feel more organized, hence allowing you to have greater focus on other aspects of your life. Some of us have negative feeling associated with some of our clutter. If looking at the tennis racket that is sitting in the corner of your dinning room that hasn’t been touched in year makes you feel like a quitter or makes you feel lazy then it time to get rid of it. Ridding yourself of clutter can be very cathartic. It is like closing an old chapter of your life and moving on to a brand new one.

It feels wonderful to donate items to an organization that will sell the items to generate income to help the less fortunate or that directly gives the items to those in need. I was raised that we should donate items while they are still in great condition.

I will never forget searching my closet as teenager looking for my black and white classic Puma tennis shoes with the awesome extra wide laces. I thought maybe I misplaced them. Oh how wrong I was, it turned out that my mother donated my super awesome tennis shoes. Fast forward twenty years later and I am still a little salty about the event. My mother definitely exemplified donating items that were in great condition. Today I do the same, sometimes I even go as far as ironing a clothing item before donating. Why? Sometimes the items are given directly to people who are in need. I want those people to feel good about the items they receive. If the item is being re-sold then I want the organization to be able to sell it for top dollar. Think about what you can donate today? Clear some clutter, feel more organized, clear your mind in the process, and feel fulfilled from helping others. Happy Health!!