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Wellness Wednesday: Punching Your Way to Good Health & Less Stress

Things in life can be stressful and I have mentioned numerous times in the past how exercise can help relieve some of your stress. That part is not news to any of us. There are those days that some people attempt to push your buttons to the point that you feel enraged. Violence of course is never the answer. Exercise however is a great solution. I was recently speaking with someone who mentioned to me that they were so mad that they felt like they where about to boil over. Energy like that needs some place to go. I recommended that they use their punching bag. I personally have a punching bag, I love it, using it is very cathartic.

I will admit, I am very guilty of punching my bag while thinking about who or what I am mad at and right after I feel complete resolve.  As an added bonus,  a punching bag workout can burn lots of calories and build core strength. Don’t forget you don’t have to just punch the punching bag, you can kick it also. Here is great video of a punching bag workout. If you are not sure which punching bag to try, I highly recommend the Everlast Heavy Punching Bag. Be sure to always wear proper hand, wrist, and elbow protection. Happy Health!!

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