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Wellness Wednesday: Thankfulness Journal

journalConsidering our current political climate and the current crowds returning holiday gifts at retailers this time of year, nay-sayers and negativity are everywhere. It can be overwhelming just to watch the news for a few minutes or to  have simple conversation while in the checkout line  without hearing negativity spouting from the other person.

A great stress reliever and an easy way to stay positive is to write in a thankfulness journal. You can write in it any time of the day, but I think it is especially beneficial if you write in it nightly before bed. A thankfulness journal is a great way to shove the negativity out and to go to sleep filled with good positive feelings.

On days that you may feel it is difficult to find something to be thankful for, then that becomes an excellent opportunity to flip through previous days in your thankfulness journal to give you a quick reminder that there is good in the world and that good things do happen. Having children list what they are thankful for as well can be the start of creating a super awesome level of optimism they need to face the future. Creating a thankfulness journal is super easy, you can use any notebook or any journal you find and dedicate it to thankfulness. Start journaling your thankfulness today. Happy Health!!