Wellness Wednesday: You are the Parent You have the Power

Mother and daughter loading dishwaherAs a parent your stress level will affect everyone in the household and not just you. I have notice a trend of many parents that have become very hands-off, believing that their child will ultimately figure things out in the future like tending to home and finances. The problem at hand is that is not only bad for your child, it can be bad for you as well. You are the parent and you have the power. I know from personal experience that it can be far easier to complete a task yourself than to have a child slowly and incorrectly do what you could have done in a fraction of the time. However despite any griping your child may do, having them wash dishes, and do laundry is in fact great for them. It’s not only good to create a good work ethic but every chore they do will aid in building the strong foundation of how they will tend to their own households in the future. It is better for them get every building block that they can get from you now rather than later being disorganize and not focused on being able to achieve a task. On the parental end of things it can become very stressful tending to every household chore yourself. If you bite the bullet and have the children participate in the maintenance of the household early on, it become far easier for both of you later. If you are less stressed, then your body is better able to fight illness. If you are not spending time sick, you can be better equipped to live your life without the hindrance of health issues interfering in with spending time with family. Get started wielding your power as a parent today. Happy Savings and Happy Health!!!